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No Obligation

Have a car, truck, or SUV to sell? Simply send us your vehicle information and photos and receive an offer from a real person on our appraisal team. Our appraisals are complimentary with no obligation to purchase a vehicle from us.

Offer Good for 7 days

We will provide you with a fair and transparent offer that is good for 7 days or 500 additional miles. The best part? We offer up to $500 over your best offer from elsewhere.

Get Paid on the Spot

Get paid for your vehicle in Knoxville fast. When you accept an appraisal offer from Mercedes-Benz of Knoxville, you’ll be paid the same business day or you can use the funds toward the purchase of your next vehicle.

We Buy All Makes and Models!

Ready to sell your car? Let our team make you an offer. Whether you live in Knoxville or anywhere else, we buy cars from sellers across the continental U.S. And we surprise customers every day with the offers that result from our complimentary, no-obligation appraisal experience. Take a few minutes to provide some brief information and one of our appraisal experts will be in touch shortly!

Benefits of Selling to Us

Avoid Seller Headaches. Selling your car privately can be a hassle. Between running classified ads, weaving your way through the web of online marketplaces, and taking calls and arranging meetings with strangers, there’s a lot of work involved. Let us do the heavy lifting! Sell your vehicle to Mercedes-Benz of Knoxville so you don’t have to deal with any of this.

Save Valuable Time. At Mercedes-Benz of Knoxville, we understand that time is often your most valuable asset. We don’t want to waste yours! We know you’ve probably already spent countless hours researching accurate trade-in values and for-sale-by-owner pricing. That’s why our complimentary appraisal process is fast, transparent, and straightforward. Should you decide to sell us your vehicle, you’ll be in and out quickly with cash or trade-in credit in hand!

Lower Your Payment. When you sell your car to us, you can apply the trade-in value to your next vehicle purchase. This helps reduce the amount you’ll have to finance and may help lower your monthly payments.

What to Bring to Your Appraisal

When bringing your vehicle in for your complimentary appraisal, please be sure to have the following documents and items with you to help expedite the selling process.

  • Any preliminary resale value estimate you received from us
  • Vehicle title
  • Vehicle registration
  • Car keys
  • Related financing paperwork

Sell Your Car to Mercedes-Benz of Knoxville

To receive your complimentary appraisal and sell us your vehicle, simply click the button below to get started or visit Mercedes-Benz of Knoxville during regular business hours. Our appraisal team and finance experts will be happy to answer trade-in questions, complete the evaluation process of your current vehicle, and discuss other finance options available to you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best place to sell my car?

Mercedes-Benz of Knxoxville aims to deliver a hassle-free, transparent appraisal experience. When you sell your vehicle to us, you can receive payment on the spot or think it over for a few days. Our offers are good for 7 days or 500 additional miles.
How much can I sell my car for?

Your vehicle’s age, mileage, and condition are all important factors when determining the value of your vehicle. Mercedes-Benz of Knoxville has a long-established history of making fair and transparent offers based on current market trends. Online research can give you a general idea of your vehicle’s value. However, we highly recommend visiting us to receive an in-person appraisal from our team of experts.
What do I need to do to sell my car?

Unlike selling your car privately, when you sell it to us, we do most of the heavy lifting for you! Simply provide some preliminary information by filling out our “Sell Your Vehicle” form. Our Appraisal Team will be in touch to help you navigate the rest of the process as quickly and seamlessly as possible.
What’s the difference between selling my car privately and selling it to your dealership?

Mercedes-Benz of Knoxville offers a fast, transparent appraisal process that will result in a fair offer based on current market trends. In fact, we’ll offer up to $500 over your best offer from elsewhere. Selling a car privately can involve a lot of work for you up front to find interested buyers. It also comes with certain risks and uncertainties that can be avoided by selling to a trusted, reputable dealership.
Can I sell my car without a title?

A title certificate is a vehicle’s proof of ownership. In most cases, it’s illegal to sell a vehicle without a title, so you’ll need to acquire one before transferring ownership to our dealership. If you’re having trouble locating your title, please call us for assistance.

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