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Whether you’re building a fleet for your business or you’re a member with one of our proud partners, the Mercedes-Benz Corporate Sales Program† and the Mercedes-Benz Star AccessSM Program† are second to none, and give you the opportunity to use an exclusive incentive on the purchase or lease of a top performing, premium vehicle.


Model Year 2018
CLA: $750
CLA 45C4: $1,500
C-Class (Sedan): $1,750
C-Class (Coupe & Cab): $1,000
E-Class (Sedan): $1,500
E- Class (Coupe): $1,000
E-Class (Cab): $500
E-Class (Wagon): $500
CLS: $500
S-Class (Sedan): $1,500
S-Class Coupe & Cab: $500
SLC: $1,000
SL-Class: $1,500
GLA (excluding GLA 45W4): $1,250
GLA 45W4: $1,500
GLC- (Coupe): $500
GLC- (SUV): $1,750
GLE- (Coupe): $500
GLE-(SUV): $1,500
GLS: $1,500
G-Class (excludes G 550 4×4²): $500
Mercedes-Maybach: $500
Model Year 2019
CLA: $750
GLA: $1,250
C-Class (Sedan): $1,500
C-Class (Coupe & Cab): $1,000
E- Class (Sedan): $1,500
E- Class (Coupe, Cab & Wagon): $500
CLS: $500
S- Class (Sedan): $1,500
GLC (SUV): $2,000
GLC-(Coupe): $500
GLS: $1,500
SLC: $1,000
SL-Class: $1,000
GLE (SUV): $1,500
GLE-(Coupe): $500
G-Class: $500
Mercedes-Maybach: $500


Incentive Enhancements – fleet program participants enjoy exclusive offers on some of the most popular Mercedes-Benz vehicles.
Variety – choose from a wide range of top-performing, premium vehicles – including gas or electric.
Innovation – When you buy a Mercedes-Benz, you know what you’re getting – a car that will stand the test of time. They perform. They keep you safe. They last.
Security – every vehicle comes with the following features: 24-hour Roadside Assistance, 4-year/50,000-mile limited warranty, active and passive safety features and unmatched customer service.



Knoxville Corporate Partners


If you’re a business owner in or near Knoxville, Mercedes-Benz of Knoxville could be the business resource you need. As a partner, you’ll enjoy special incentives, a variety of vehicle options, high quality, and reliability. Our team will help you create a Partnership Account or use an exclusive allowance for an eligible vehicle.


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