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Meet your new Mercedes-Benz at the place where it was born.

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When you visit the factory

To pick up your vehicle and see the museum, your experiences become part of the Mercedes-Benz story. The Mercedes-Benz story is one of invention, innovation, and engineering leadership second to no other manufacturer. The first automobile was designed and manufactured in 1886 by Karl Benz. Mercedes-Benz lays claim to over 100,000 patents and we continue today as the premier leader in development of new advanced automotive technology.
Whether you’re winding your way through snow-capped villages, or venturing into the majestic countryside, there’s no better place to immerse yourself in the Mercedes-Benz experience. That´s why we created the European Delivery Program.
With European Delivery, you’ll not only enjoy “The best or nothing” against the backdrop of Germany, you can also save up to 7% on your vehicle’s MSRP*, depending on the model (discounts vary, not all models are included, and not all models are available).

What’s Included

Your European Delivery experience includes accommodations in one of our luxurious
hotels in Stuttgart or Bremen. Upon arrival in Germany, you’ll enjoy a factory tour
where you’ll pick up your vehicle for the very first time. With a full tank of gas and
fifteen days of European road insurance, your road trip will truly begin. At the end,
simply leave your Mercedes-Benz at any one of the designated drop-off points, and you´ll
be reunited on the other side of the Atlantic.

Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC offers an all-inclusive program:

  • Up to 7% savings on the total MSRP for eligible models
  • Delta air line voucher of $200
  • One night accommodation in one of two luxurious hotels in Stuttgart or Bremen
  • Breakfast or lunch at the Delivery Center restaurant
  • Taxi credit for ride from airport or main railroad station to the Delivery Center or hotel
  • 15 days European Road Insurance with zero deductible
  • Tickets to the Mercedes Museum
  • A tour of the Mercedes-Benz factory
  • Full tank of fuel
  • Conveyance from eleven European Drop-off Points to port of shipment
  • Ocean freight to a U.S. port
  • Marine Insurance
  • Vehicle Preparation Center Processing to factory standards
  • Transportation to the selling/delivering dealer
  • Destination charge of $925 is waived

Drop-Off Points and Accommodations

Your journey begins with a one-night stay at your preferred hotel in Stuttgart or Bremen,
then breakfast or lunch at the Sindelfingen or Bremen factory restaurant. From there, you can
extend your trip for 4-6 nights with one of our luxurious travel packages. Ordered through your
dealership, these unique packages cover all of your travel needs as you tour through Europe
in your new Mercedes-Benz, with locations ranging from the Swiss Alps, to the Black Forest,
to the French Riviera, and more. To learn more, visit the European Delivery Registration Site.

Once You’re Booked

The final steps toward taking delivery

After completing the registration process, Mercedes-Benz will send you a confirmation, insurance information, and other important travel details. You can then take delivery of your vehicle in Germany.


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